Tips And Shortcuts For Effective Searching In Google

Are you all looking for some useful tips of how to search in Google easily of whatever you are searching. If yes, then do see the tips mentioned below.

Narrowing Your Search And Saving Time

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The first thing that has to be remembered is by searching through the Advanced Search link. This search helps you to search through exact phrases, “all these words,” or any specified keyword that you can enter it in the appropriate box. You may also define here how many results you want per page. Even you can filter the search according to your preferred language and file type. Over here you also have the option of typing a Top Level Domain such as in the “Search within site of domain” to restrict results. You can also click the “Date, usage rights, numeric range and more” link to get more of advanced features.

Most of the features of Advanced Search are also available in Google’s front page search box. Those are like command line parameters and you can save much of your time. They are as below:

  • The main search of Google invisibly considers “AND.” If you search for smoke fire, Google considers it smoke AND fire. If you want to search either smoke or fire then just type smoke OR fire. Instead of OR you may also use the | symbol in this way smoke | fire. AND and OR should be upper case.
  • If you want to search for phrases then put them in quotes like this: “there’s no smoke without fire”
  • If you want to search for synonym then use the tilde symbol before the keyword in this way: ~eggplant
  • To you want to exclude specific key words then use the minus symbol like this: new pram -ebay.
  • Usually Google omits words such as I, and, then. These are called stop word. If you want to include these words then use the plus sign like this: fish +and chips. Do remember that if stop word is included in a phrase between the “quotes” then the word is searched for.
  • Filling the blanks is easy in Google search. You just type for example Christopher Columbus discovered * and Google gives you the answer what he discovered.
  • You can search numerical range too in Google. Check this out –  for Sony TV between £300 and £500: Sony TV £300..£500

Try using these techniques to narrow your search and do save time till we come back with many more shortcut search tips on Google. Till then Happy Googling.

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