Some Google Chrome Extensions And Plugins

Ever since Google Chrome started supporting extensions (although limited and only in developers channel), quite a few extensions have cropped up. One of the websites dedicated to Google Chrome Extensions,, have posted some interesting extensions that can be used. I am listing some of the useful plugins/extensions over here :

GooglePedia Extension : Displays relevant wikipedia articles alongwith your search results. It automatically turns the wikipedia links into google search links. The images are linked directly to their full sized versions, clicking on the images gives you the full size. All in all its a pretty handy plugin especially for people who frequent wikipedia often for references.

googlepedia on chrome

CustomNewTab : A very nice plugin which lets you customise your new tabs the way you want. Though the customizations might be a bit tricky but its nicely illustrated. A very handy plugin indeed.

custom new tab

DblClickDial : The functionality of this plugin is somewhat similar to CustomNewTab, but its quite different. It also customises the new tab page (thumbnail history) but with a blank page. It also packs in the ability to hide/show the thumbnail history by double-clicking anywhere on the browser. A small but a handy plugin.

Cleeki : An extension that can be used as Google Chrome Accelerator, an adaptation (certainly the functionality) of the IE8 Accelerators, where you can perform the actions on the same webpage which otherwise would have required to be opened on a different window. Cleeki extension opens up a secondary pop-up window where you can see the specific actions and see the results.


ShowTheImage Extension : This extension lets you open the largest image of the webpage you surfing automatically with a single click. If you double click then all the images on the current page gets opened – each one of a different tab. Though this has to be used with care as you might end up opening a lot of tabs.

Adsweep : Its an add-on that hides the advertising on web pages you visit very similar to AdBlock. It uses JavaScript features to adjust the CSS of the page. This can even be downloaded as a user script.

I am sure we would be getting a lot more extensions and plugins for google chrome as the extensions support feature gets enhanced by the chrome developers.

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