GeeMail – Standalone Gmail Desktop Client for Windows, Linux & MAC

Today I came across a useful utility “GeeMail“. GeeMail is a very useful utility for people who are looking for a standalone Gmail client. You can use the application to read Gmail mails offline. You can even send replies and they are delivered when the Internet connection is available. GeeMail is a Adobe Air application so you can use it on windows, Linux and MAC OS X.


The interface of GeeMail looks quite similar to Gmail. So you will not be confused using GeeMail. The good thing about GeeMail is that it has got everything in place which is required to access your Gmail account from Desktop. So you don’t need to configure the POP and IMAP settings like traditional email clients which is a bit frustrating for many users. The application lacks the search feature which is useful for many users to search their mails.


  1. @Lakshmi

    Thanks for the share.. but I heard that Offline Gmail was not functioning properly.. So was looking for another software and found GeeMail..

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