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Disable Suspicious Services Running in the Background With XP-AntiSpy

Written By Samrat| 26 October 2008| 2 Comments

If you have any suspicious programs running in your computer you can disable them easily with the help of XP-AntiSpy. XP-AntiSpy is a very small utility to disable built-in services and other background processes running in our computer. You can also do all these manually, but with XP-AntiSpy all these takes little effort from your side.

Disable Suspicious Servcies Running in the Background With XP-AntiSpy

I always feel better to disable some of the suspicious process that are running in the background and sends information to the server. With the help of XP-AntiSpy you can disable such services very easily. There are services related to Microsoft Tools and other Softwares that transfer user data to the server. To disable such services it will take a lot of time. But with XP-AntiSpy you can do that in just few minutes. Moreover XP-AntiSpy is totally FREE.

XP-AntiSpy Works with Windows 2000, XP and Windows Vista.

Download XP-AntiSpy


  • Nihar said:

    Thanks for sharing this tool. I will try using it.

  • venkat said:

    How a user knows a program is suspicious ,If Xp-antispy detects them automatically and deletes them it will be nice but normal user cant identify such suspicious programs unless and until antivirus and anti-spyware programs finds them and disable them.

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