Customize Vista Shortcuts with Vista Shortcut Manager

Vista Shortcut Manager is one of the little freeware applications which allows you to control the shortcut overlay image on your icons. It is a free tool that doesn’t really do anything much but it dose it’s work in better way to please your eyes. This Vista Shortcut Manager can be used to control the shortcut behavior and also the list of shortcuts on your system. It lets you to work on shortcuts and change the default icon behavior in Windows Vista. You can see a little arrow in the lower left corner on our desktop icons which can be changed with the two transparent icons that comes with this tool. You can also use this tool for your own creation.


Vista Shortcut Manager helps you to modify the bigger arrow to a lighter one or remove the arrow. You can also choose any custom arrow of your choice. After making the changes you need to log-off your system and then get back on to your machine to make your modifications visible. The Logoff utility is offered by the tool itself which can be used after saving all your changes and alterations. Vista Shortcut Manager is available for both 32 bit and as a 64 bit systems.

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