Search for Files and Folders Instantly on NTFS Drives With “Everything”

For all those with hard drives that support NTFS file system which uses the Master table of NTFS to search; I have something new and useful for searching needs on your PC. This high speed file and folder search tool for NTFS kind of file system is great and incredible. “Everything” is extremely reliable and so fast that you will get used to it even for a simple file search on your desktop. It is incomparable with the search utility provided by the Windows OS and the best of its kind I had ever used.

Search for Files and Folders Instantly on NTFS Drives With Everything

Another thing about “Everything” is, it does not scan your system unlike others that do scan the entire hard disk during the search. Some of them use an index that takes entries from the Hard disk into a database and does frequent updates. So it is reliable and doesn’t stress your HDD since it does not really access your disk everytime. “Everything” works a bit different which makes it more effective and efficient. A change journal of NTFS is accessed by this tool so it even uses the logs that contain data related to changes in the hard drive.

It maintains its own database using the Master Table of NTFS. The search results are really very fast. But to be noted that it is only for NTFS file systems. You can even integrate it into the context menu so have it is accessible from almost everywhere. It has the ability to connect to FTP, HTTP and ETP servers too. The resources utilized by it is so less that it makes no difference to the normal working of your PC. I am sure you will make most of it and enjoy the utility.

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