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Remove Empty Directories – Freeware Tool to Batch Delete Empty Folders

Written By Samrat| 5 November 2008| No Comment

The moment you have a glimpse of your Hard disk the first thing you usually notice is that many directories remain empty or almost empty with few files. Majority of the times they will be of no use and you just need to delete them. So if you want to keep your Hard disk data more organized and in a tidy manner then try this simple software called RED(Remove Empty Directories). I must say that this is an intelligent, handy and freeware application that will help you in this regard.

Remove Empty Directories - Freeware Tool to Batch Delete Empty Folders

When you run the program it scans your entire system. As a result it generates the list in which it has empty directories which are of no use. It asks for you whether to remove them or not by giving you the option to select those you want to remove. The rest are left unaffected and surprising thing is it can be easily be integrated to the Windows Explorer. So with this facility as you can have a look of your hard disk contents you make an effective use of RED. So if you are annoyed with many folders that are empty then just go ahead download, install and use it.

But be careful, you may remove some empty folders which are required by certain applications.

Download Remove Empty Directories (RED)

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