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Read Out Webpages, emails and Text With ArtenSPEAK

Written By Samrat| 14 January 2009| 8 Comments

It is sometimes very painful to read lengthy text. It is better to use an application which can read out the text for you. ArtenSPEAK is one such application which can speak out the text. The interface doesn’t have any complicated functionalities. All you have to do is just drag or paste the text into the ArtenSPEAK text area and click the loudspeaker button; the text will be read for you.


There are many applications similar to this but I personally love to use ArtenSPEAK because of its simple interface. ArtenSPEAK is ideal for use with emails, webpages and any text document. ArtenSPEAK is available for both Windows and MAC.

Download ArtenSPEAK for Windows & MAC


  • Nihar said:

    This is good. but i think most of the speaking software are much slower than the speed at which we read.

    what do you think?

  • Raju said:

    LOL! This is a fun service!! But very useful for vision challenged people.

  • Samrat said:


    You can actually set the speed at which it reads the text.. So you can set it at a slow pace..

  • Samrat said:


    Even I use it sometimes while sleeping to listen to lengthy notes…

  • Steve Cholerton said:

    Hi Guys. Thanks for the nice review and comments 🙂 . Steve (Author of ArtenSPEAK)

  • Samrat said:

    @Steve Cholerton

    Thanks that you liked my review.. and hope you will develop more software like this..

  • Яков Карпин said:

    На Ваш блог знакомый в аську ссылку кинул. Оказалось ,что не зря 🙂 Понравилось. Тепрь все время читать буду 🙂

  • Трейдер said:

    А сколько стоит реклама на этом блоге, интересует не закрытый в тэги баннер.

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