Pyxis – Asset Management System for Home and Small Business

It is really very difficult to manage the inventory either at home or for a small business. if you are looking for a freeware to manage your assets then you can try Pyxis. Pyxis is a free asset management system that is tailor made for home and small business use. You can easily keep track of all the items that you buy for your home or business. Instead of managing Excel sheets or something else you can use Pyxis to store all the data at one place. It has got simple and user friendly interface which helps you to add and update information very quickly and accurately.

Pyxis - Asset Management System for Home and Small Business

Features of Pyxis

  • You can store unlimited amount of data
  • Output is generated via XSLT
  • There are around 34 built in objects to add data quickly
  • You can even assign images to the purchased items
  • Data is stored in XML format, so you can open it in other applications also.

Pyxis requires the Microsoft .NET 1.1 Framework

Download Pyxis

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