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Analyze, Examine and Delete Contents of index.dat files With Index.dat Analyzer

Written By Samrat| 13 January 2009| 3 Comments

Index.dat is an important file in Windows which stores a lot of data. Index.dat tracks your online activity, what sites you visited, list of URL-s, files and documents you recently accessed. Someone can easily get access to your Index.dat files stored on your computer and know more about you. So it is better to delete those files. But the problem is you cannot delete those files as easily as you can delete other files on your computer. But you can use freeware tools like Index.dat Analyzer to analyze your index.dat file and delete those entries that you do not require or which can cause harm to your privacy.


Index.dat Analyzer is a simple Freeware utility which can be used to Analyze and then delete the evidence entries you want to get rid off from Index.dat. No harm to your system or OS is made and everything will continue to function as if it was prior to deleting them. You can choose one of three categories from the pull down menu: History, Cookies or Cache and then mark the checkboxes for the entries you want to delete and press “ Delete Cheched ” button. Index.dat Analyzer works with Windows XP and Vista.


  • Nihar said:

    Nice info mate. I will use it and see how the tool fares

  • Samrat said:


    Thank you very much… I installed it y’day and it looks pretty good…

  • Raju said:

    A very useful tip, will give it a try 🙂

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