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Organize Your Images and Videos Easily With Pictomio

Written By Samrat| 15 November 2008| No Comment

Pictomio is a Freeware application for managing, categorizing, searching, and archiving photos and other media files. It allows you to generate animated 2D and 3D slideshows very easily with your photos. Pictomio essentially consists of a photo browser and slideshow editor, a slideshow viewer and a slideshow screensaver. There are quite interesting features in Pictomio for you to try out.

You can easily manage all your Videos and Images with Pictomio. You can easily manage images and video archives and group your media according to orientation, type, time, size, rating, etc. Apart from viewing Thumbnails for images you can also rotate and zoom video. You can edit the meta data of your images with EXIF Editor.

Organize Your Images and Videos Easily With Pictomio

Pictomio helps you in creating virtual folders which you can use to arrange your pictures regardless of their location on the hard drive. You can also browse through your photos in a 3D view. You can easily create slide shows by using a drag-and-drop interface.

There is also a color pipette and the measuring tool which will be helpful in determining color values from pixels and measuring a section of an image. You can Zoom a part of the screen using the high quality zooming tool.

With all these features I should say that Pictomio is a tool worth downloading.

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