Personalize & Create Desktop Widgets With 360desktop

DO you want to give your Desktop a new look? Then try out 360desktop. 360desktop is a simple freeware application that can easily transform your desktop in to a 360° workspace. You can get almost unlimited desktop space on your computer. You can even make your own desktop widgets from your favorite pieces of the web, plus create & share 360° interactive wallpapers. You can easily slide between your applications and Windows to organize your work in a better way. You can easily create widgets for your Desktop from your favorite web widgets.


With 360desktop you can decorate your desktop with video, music, RSS feeds, games, slideshows and everything else. You can also signup for the online authoring platform to create a variety of content for your desktop. 360desktop will be very useful for everyone who need updated data very frequently. You can make your desktop as an interactive canvas.

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