Create Microsoft Windows Installers With Nvin Installer

If you are a Software Developer then you might need a Installer software so that you can release your applications in MSI format. Nvin Installer is a Free, Open source installer which can be used to create MSI files. WIth the help of Nvin Installer you can easily create 100% pure Microsoft Windows Installer (.MSI) format software installers.


Though Nvin Installer doesn’t contain complex features it will be useful for simple tasks. This application is developed using Microsoft’s next generation Windows Installer XML(Wix Toolset) compiler technology. Microsoft uses the same technology for creating installers for products like Microsoft Office, BizTalk, Windows Live Messenger, SQL Server and others. The simple user interface will let you do your job very easily without any confusion. You need not even write any scripts to create the Installers. You can even edit the installer images to suit your needs.

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