Monitor Folders for Changes With MoniDIR 2000

Sometimes we may need to monitor some folders present in our computer. So if you are looking for a freeware application to monitor folders on your computer then you can use MoniDIR 2000. MoniDIR 2000 is a Freeware folder and file utility for Windows. With the help of MoniDIR you can keep an eye on your folders for malicious or inadvertent changes. MoniDIR is designed to monitor file folders and also directories looking for new, changed or deleted files. As soon as a file date is changed or a file is added or deleted a popup box will alert you immediately. This will be very useful for network administrators.


I installed MoniDIR and it worked like a charm. When I made some changes a list of the changed files is displayed. The best thing is that an e-mail message can also be sent out to you or others when the change occurred. This feature will be very helpful when you are away from your computer. You can select the the time interval and the alarm wav file for your personalization. This is a very good tool for System Administrators.

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