Bypass Captcha on Megauplaod with Megaupload auto-fill captcha

Today morning I was trying to Download some videos from Megaupload. After downloading few movies I was fed in entering the Captcha. So I started looking for any script or hack which can bypass the Megaupload captcha. After searching for a while I was able to find a Megaupload auto-fill captcha script which will fill out the captcha automatically.


Megaupload auto-fill captcha will definitely save a lot of your valuable time. It works as if there was no captcha and the download starts automatically. You need to install Grease Monkey Firefox extension for this script to work. The script also supports batch downloading.


  1. Samrat what is this Grease Monkey exactly..I saw some where this one long seeing here.

    We should have a script to autofill all types of sites captcha codes.

  2. @TechZoomIn

    Greasemonkey is a Firefox Add-on that allows you to install scripts…. But you cannot bypass all the captchas as they are images..

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