LastPass – Free Online Password Manager and Form Filler

There are many people who usually uses hundreds of services on the Internet. It is very difficult to remember the passwords of all the sites. Recently I was also facing the same problem and was looking for a free password manager and found LastPass freeware. LastPass is a free online password manager and form filling software that makes your web browsing easier and more secure. It is very much secure and works better than many paid software. The best thing about LastPass is that it uses a web service in combination with a program that runs on your PC which helps you better.


So instead of wasting time trying to remember numerous passwords and filling forms on the Internet you can use LastPass for better online experience. You can log into your favorite sites with a single click, you can also fill forms in seconds, access and manage your data from multiple computers, share logins with friends and let others share logins with you. LastPass also works from a bookmarklet which will enable you to use it from Firefox, IE, Opera Mini, Google Chrome and every other browser that supports Javascript. You can even use it on your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch.

Features of Lastpass

  • One Master Password to access any site.
  • Synchronization Across multiple browsers.
  • Export your data to a text file or into Firefox’s Password manager.
  • Generate robust passwords very easily.
  • Backup data to a USB drive and use it from there directly.
  • Automatic Form Filling with multiple profile support.
  • Import existing data from Firefox, IE, RoboForm, 1Password, KeePass, Password Safe, MyPasswordSafe, Sxipper and PassPack.
  • Virtual screen keyboard to protect yourself from keyloggers and keysniffers.
  • LastPass uses 256-bit AES encryption for better security.


  1. I actually love the RoboForm software myself. I use it all of the time and it takes all of the menial everyday tasks that I have to perform on my computer daily and shortens them extremely! What once took me fifteen minutes to complete now takes me only one second because RoboForm does the same task with just one click. In fact I wrote a Report about a lot of RoboForm’s capabilities for use that aren’t even touched on in the User’s Manual for RoboForm. You can get that Report here:

    There is also a FREE version of RoboForm that you can download on this web page, just to test the RoboForm software out for yourself! I highly recommend it!

  2. Sí, y cuando al final un keylogger o keysniffer consiga meterse (porque lo conseguirá) se adueñará de un base de datos bastante interesante …

    Parece mentira que la gente sea tan boba !

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