Jahshaka – Freeware Realtime Editing & Special Effects System

If you are looking for a free video editing tool then you can try out Jahshaka. Jahshaka is an open source realtime editing, composing and special effects system which can be used to create effects in real time. Jahshaka is written using Qt and the user interface is written using an OpenGL library.


Jahshaka comes with a real-time 3d compositing & animation, editing, real time image processing with node based effects. You can edit DV, SD, HD and even films. There are individual modules for color correction, keying, tracking and boast a full array of media support from DivX.

Jahshaka Supports video formats like avi, dv, mpeg1, mpeg2, mov, mp4; Audio formats like ogg, mp2, mp3, wav and still images, image sequences also.

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