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HTTrack – Download and Browse a Website from Your Local Computer

Written By Samrat| 22 October 2008| 3 Comments

Sometimes we may want to download an entire website and browse it offline. This is very difficult if you plan to do it manually. But now with HTTrack your job will be very easy. HTTrack is a free offline browser utility released under GPL. With the help of HTTrack you can easily download a website from the Internet to your local machine. It can recursively download all the sub-directories, Images and other files.

HTTrack - Download and Browse a Website from Your Local Computer

After downloading the entire website you can browse it from your local disk and you feel that you are browsing the actual site as the original sites link structure is also maintained. HTTrack can automatically update an existing mirrored site present in your disk. You can easily configure HTTrack to suit your needs and it also comes with a detailed help.

There are versions available for both Windows(WinHTTrack) and Linux(WebHTTrack).

WinHTTrack – Windows 95/98/NT/2K/XP
WebHTTrack – Linux/Unix/BSD/Debian/Mandrake & RedHat/FreeBSD/OSX

Download HTTrack


  • venkat said:

    Very useful offine Website viewer

  • Madhur Kapoor said:

    I was looking for something like This. Good find

  • Nihar said:

    Thanks for the tip…

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