FurMark-OpenGL Benchmark and Graphics Card Stability Test Tool

If you are looking for an OpenGL Benchmark and Graphics Card Stability Test software then I suggest you try FurMark. FurMark is a freeware tool and it can be used for intensive OpenGL benchmarking. It uses OpenGL fur rendering algorithmic program to determine the performance of the graphics card. This Fur rendering is mostly adapted to swelter the GPU which makes the FurMark, an ideal constancy and stress test tool for the graphics. The overheating of the GPU is also known as GPU burner.


FurMark offers numerous options which allow you to twist the rendering like MSAA selection, windowed mode, window size and its duration. It very easy to use this application and there is no need for you to install the program. You can just copy and paste the executable files. If you open FurMark’s folder, you will find two executable files FurMark.exe and etqw.exe, just copy/paste and run it.

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