Convert AMR Ringtones to MP3 & WAV with AMR Player

Today I downloaded some Funny Ringtones which are in AMR(Adaptive Multi-Rate) format. As I had recently installed Vista OS I do not have any player which can play the AMR files. So I was searching for a freeware AMR player and found “AMR Player”. As many of the mobiles stores the recorded audio in AMR format it is very much better to have a good AMR Player. More over most of the Ringtones in many forums are present in amr format. So it is good to have a AMR to MP3 converter ans you can use “AMR Player” for that.


AMR Player is a freeware utility with simple interface. It lets you to play AMR files on your PC and even allows you to convert them to other formats. AMR Player support both AMR-NB(Adaptive Multi-Rate NarrowBand) and AMR-WB(Adaptive Multi-Rate WideBand) audio formats. Just select the AMR files with “Add Files” to play them. Moreover you can convert AMR files to MP3 and WAV Format. You can even convert MP3 and WAV files to AMR format to use them on your mobile. Though the application is good it takes sometime to decode the AMR file before playing it.


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