Repair broken AVI file streams and Fix AVI errors with DivFix++

Yesterday I downloaded an AVI file from the Internet and it was corrupted. So I was searching for a tool to Fix AVI Files and found DivFix++. DivFix++ is a free open source application for Windows, Linux and MAC which can be used to fix AVI errors. Some of the problems that can be fixed by using DivFix++ are Freezing and Distorted Playback, Bad Frames, Problem playing the file from a particular location etc. The simple interface will help you to get your job done very easily.


Usually when we download movies from bittorent networks the index part might be corrupted. In those cases DivFix++ can be used to to rebuild the index part. As it is written by cross-platform API (wxWidgets) it supports many operating systems. DivFix++ comes with a simple to use GUI and it has even got a command line version. The GUI window supports Drag’n’Drop feature. So you can actually drag and drop your AVI files to “Source/Input File List window” program to fix the errors easily. After adding the files, you needed to choose your output path. You can then choose “Rebuild Index” and fix your avi files. You can use the Check Errors feature to scan files for any errors and report it from log window. You can also use the CLI mode with arguments for quick fixing of AVI files.

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