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Find Processes Currently Using a File or Folder with WhoLockMe

Written By Samrat| 16 February 2009| No Comment

At times when we try to try to delete a file we may get an error saying that the file is being used by an application. If you are interested to know the process which is currently using the file you can try WhoLockMe 2.00 Beta. WhoLockMe is a little extension(It’s just 23KB) for your Windows Explorer which will help you in knowing about the process locking your selected file.


With the help of WhoLockMe you can easily find the process using a particular file or folder which you are planning to move or delete. Instead of restarting your machine and then trying to remove the file you can just use WhoLockMe to find the process that is using the file and close that application. This extension integrates into the Explorer and you can right-click on a file to see the processes that are currently using the file or folder.

Download WhoLockMe

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