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Enhance the Boot Speeds With Startup Delayer

Written By Samrat| 25 November 2008| No Comment

When you boot the system all the startup programs will try to open at once. All the applications will hog the CPU and the RAM and it delays the system loading time. With Startup Delayer you can delay the time between different program launches during the boot process. So each program will get a sufficient time to load which will totally enhance the boot speed.

Enhance the Boot Speeds With Startup Delayer

With Startup Delayer you can also choose how the program’s window will appear (maximized, minimized, hidden and normal) during the boot time. You can also set a different priority for each program (low, below normal, normal, above normal, high and real-time). Startup Delayer will be very useful for Systems with low RAM and CPU speeds. I installed it in my machine but could not find much difference in the boot speeds.

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