eM Client – Free Windows email Client With Superior Features

eM Client is a windows based freeware e-mail and Groupware client with many features. If you are fed up with Outlook or if you wanna try a Freeware then you can try eM Client. eM Client is a light weight e-mail client with enhanced Calendaring interface, Task and Contact list that users can simply synchronize with any CalDAV server.

eM Client - Free Windows email Client With Superior Features

With eM Client you can easily send and receive e-mail, manage calendars, contacts and tasks. It is developed as a user friendly option to existing e-mail clients. It also integrates ActiveSync for mobile phone synchronization. eM Client supports IMAP or POP3 protocols. So you can also use eM Client to work with your Gmail account.

Features of eM Client

Google Calendar & Contacts sync and advanced Communication History
Integrated Instant Messaging Client
Integration with Facebook and SKYPE
Microsoft ActiveSync support
Integrated Anti-virus protection and Graphic skins
U3 Flash USB disk support
RSS and other Customizable widgets
Fast Indexed search through e-mail, calendars and contacts

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  1. having tried this app out I really dont see what actually works very at all ?

    the support for SMTP and IMAP etc seem to be the bog standard C# libs and have bugs plus the dashboard does not seem all that nice I surpose that it scratchs the developers itch but really I dont see it…


    John Jones

  2. Very nice APP as far as I now the only client that supports:

    1) Nice e-mail
    2) Calendar + multiple calendars
    3) Instant Messaging
    4) Integrates with Gmail
    5) works on U3

    I hope it stays free…

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