Ease Your Localization Tasks With ResourceBlender

ResourceBlender is an application written in ASP.NET which keeps and maintains a central database of translations and it can be used in multiple applications for localization. This application has the capability to translate any application into multiple languages. The key features of ResourceBlender include Web-based AJAX management, free and open-source, custom templates for resource formats, export resources to Java .properties, XHTML entities, .NET .resx files and many more. ResourceBlender is an easy to use application and requires ASP.NET and MySQL. You can work in ResourceBlender over the internet or by downloading an XML Spreadsheet and re-import the work. You can edit the data online using AJAX editor.


ResourceBlender has the power to host its application on any ASP.NET 3.5 webserver and you can translate the data online without downloading any extra software. The existing resources can be quickly imported using a wizard, and also allows you to transmigrate from other solutions. Translations done in Resourceblender can be re-used in different applications.

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