DriverMax – Free Driver Download Software for Vista & XP

Many people face problems with Drivers. Even I faced many problems without the latest drivers. But now with DriverMax Freeware Utility you can automatically download all the latest drivers for your computer. Instead of searching for drivers on the Internet you can use DriverMax to save a lot of time. All you have to do is create a free login account and download the updates.

DriverMax - Free Driver Download Software for Vista & XP

The software has got many options and features to help you out. With DriverMax you can also export your current drivers and save them as a ZIP file. So you will have all your drivers in just a single file. So when you re-install your Windows you can install only this sigle file and all your drivers will be installed. DriverMax can also create a report of all the drivers installed in your machine. This report will be very handy at times when you need complete information about your machine. DriverMax works with Windows Vista and Windows XP.

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  1. It’s good to know at last which drivers are not working correctly and that some cannont be used on this pc. Very efficient. Thanks.

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