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Easily Download Music Tracks From deezer, and imeem With Freezer

Written By Samrat| 13 November 2008| 10 Comments

There are many good music tracks on famous streaming sites like imeem, jiwa ans deezer, but you can only listen to them. Yesterday I was trying to search for a software which will help me to download the music tracks from deezer and found Freezer. Freezer is a small utility which will help you to download music from deezer, imeem and jiwa. The program will filter and parse all the http data that circulates between your browser and the remote website. When a song from deezer or jiwa or imeem is detected, it shows you a dialog box asking to save the music. Then it saves the stream into a temporary file which is decoded when the download finishes.

Easily Download Music Tracks From deezer, and imeem With Freezer

Freezer is really very simple to use without much complications. I was able to download a music track from deezer successfully. Everything is done automatically to without much user intervention. You can download as many music tracks as you wish. I suggest you to use this program to download “open” musics, without breaking the Law.

Simple Steps to use Freezer

  • Download and run freezer.
  • Start your browser, and set the proxy settings to localhost on port 80 and 8800.
  • Surf on deezer or jiwa or imeema, while you are listening to a song, a dialog box is shown to save the song which is to be played.

Download Freezer


  • Rajib Ghosh said:


    The Freezer download link is actually broken. Been trying to download this for a while now. All links on web point to the freehostia download location (which is broken).

    If you still have the downloaded file on your HDD, you could upload it to a file-sharing site and provide the links here.


  • Samrat said:

    Thank you for the info.. I updated the link. it’s working fine now.

  • We7Steve said:

    We7 is another great place to discover music and create and share playlists for free. Artists and rights owners get paid due to revenue from advertising – everyone wins!

    Check it out at

    Steve – We7

  • Jiwa said:

    Sorry but we7 is crap compared to jiwa or deezer. I only can listen tosongs for 30 seconds, and thats it. So, please dont advertise for site, which just looks good, but sucks cause of its content and policy. Best regards THE JIWAUser

  • Enrique said:



  • Samrat said:


    Thanks man that you liked it..

  • Etellerandet said:

    Jiwa har lige lukket for Danmark – copyrightproblemer. Flere lande er ramt. Det er vist sket i deg?

  • B-Art said:

    We7 is NOT the place to be.
    To much commercials.

  • egidijus said:

    kaip atsisiusti ir kur nokiai programa kur perasyti galima?

  • that guy! said:

    we7 RULES! check it now u can listen 2 full songs ads only last like 5 seconds and is freakin LEGAL

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