Download ClamWin Open Source Antivirus Program

If you are looking for an open source Antivirus program for your Windows machine then you can try ClamWin. The best thing about ClamWin is that you can use it along with another Antivirus program. Clamwin antivirus is an on-demand virus scanner which can be used to scan your files only when you feel it is required. As it doesn’t have a on-access real-time virus scanner, it doesn’t interfere with the other antivirus software present in your computer. Clamwin features a unique scanning engine and heuristics module, which makes it a very strong security tool.


Clamwin Antivirus will be very useful at times when your Antivirus Software is corrupted because of some virus or malware. You can then use this tool to scan the files manually and remove the virus. Clamwin can also integrate into Windows Explorer context menu and can be used to scan any file directly from the Explorer. There is also an Add-on for MS Outlook to remove the virus-infected attachments automatically.

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