Create Text based Buttons with Cascading Style Sheets Button Maker

If you end up placing many images on your Blog or Website then it will definitely take a lot of time to load the page which may irritate your user. So it is very much better to keep the image count to the minimum number. I also suggest you to use CSS to the maximum instead of images. It is a good idea to use CSS to create buttons instead of using images. With the help of CSS you can easily create button effects by using the Link, Hover and Visited properties.


So if you are planning to use CSS to create images then I suggest you to try CSS-BuMa(Stands for Cascading Style Sheets Button Maker). CSS-BuMa is a simple freeware which can help you to create pure CSS buttons. With the help of CSS-BuMa you can easily create text based buttons which are very efficient than image buttons. With CSS-BuMa you can design the buttons and can even save it for future use. You can easily configure all the properties like Font color, font size, borders, link, visited, hover etc. Just generate the code with CSS-BuMa and paste it to your site.

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