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Create Desktop Sticky Notes With GloboNote

Written By Samrat| 19 November 2008| No Comment

It is very difficult to get a pen and paper when you need to write down something very urgently. But now GloboNote will make your life easier. GloboNote is a free desktop note taking program that will be very useful for computer users. You can easily write a sticky note which will be placed on your Desktop. The goos thing is that GloboNote is platform independent; but requires JSE6. Saved notes can be accessed in any OS using this program. There are quite a lot of features for you to explore in GloboNote.

Create Desktop Sticky Notes With GloboNote

Features of GloboNote

  • Run it on Linux or Windows Machine
  • You can easily customize the notes by changing the Font and Color.
  • You can even insert images on notes.
  • Easily restore deleted notes.
  • You can make the notes to stay on the top of all windows.
  • Easily Organize notes in groups
  • Supports rich text editing and URL’s.
  • Search for a particular notes.
  • Export your notes to plain text.

Download GloboNote

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