Capture Screenshots With Snap Clipboard

The screen capturing tool in vista is very slow. So I was looking for a simple and quick screen capturing utility and found Snap Clipboard. Snap Clipboard is an easy-to-use freeware application for the creation of screen shots. You can easily capture the entire screen or only a part of it and use the copied data in other graphic applications like Paint or Photoshop.


Steps to capture a screenshot in 3 simple steps

  1. Place the cursor on the necessary area of your screen.
  2. Just press F9 and the image will be saved to the clipboard.
  3. Now you can insert the captured image from the clipboard in to any program.

You can use the keyboard shortcuts like F7 and F8 to capture Full Screen and a Window/Menu respectively. You can even send the captured screenshots via email directly.

Download Snap Clipboard

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