Test Your Windows Boot Time With BootRacer

Now you can check your windows boot rating with the new amazing Windows Boot Speed Racer. This product is best for all computer systems. This Boot racer is easy to install and use. This program consist of many special features like you can check latest boot speed completely free for non-commercial use, automatically estimates the Best Boot Time and also automatically checks your system’s booting speed at each boot. This Windows Boot Speed Racer is unique software which measures both the Time to Logon and Total Time to Desktop using only minimum of your PC resources.


This is one of the best programs to check your computer’s booting rate. This software works on systems with Windows XP/2003/2008 and Vista. The amount of disc space needed to install this Windows Boot Speed Racer is 3MB. This software save your time and make your computer to work fast. It is easy to download and install in your computer. Then what are you waiting for? Race your Windows boot time with this new marvelous software.

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