Automate Your Backups, Synchronization and Archiving Tasks With JaBack

JaBack is a simple backup software program with many advanced features. This is a well-situated program for windows. This JaBack program works quickly and easily makes your data back-up. You can back-up your data with very few clicks which supports dynamic variables to attain progressed automated tasks. Just select the files and folders which you want to be synchronized with others or simply fill away. JaBack 8.14 is freeware program which creates the backups of your folders and files very fast and have extraordinary automatic functions. This amazing program has the capacity to monitor changes and maintain folders and files completely synchronized. It is also capable of storing multiple folders and maintains the structure perfectly. It also has the capacity to transfer your backups to a remote place via FTP or it will email the back-up to your mail server. JaBack is an absolute and attractive program used to back-up your files. But some critics say that it is not intuitive.


Features of JaBack

  • Automated Data Backup
  • Transfer your backup set to a remote location via Ftp or Email
  • Scheduler software with powerful scheduling, tasking and automation capabilities.
  • Email Notification of task failure
  • Local directory monitor

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