Analyze and Benchmark Your Computer With Fresh Diagnose

Sometimes it may be very much necessary to analyze your computer by benchmarking it. Fresh Diagnose is a freeware utility which is designed to benchmark different components of your computer. It has got the capability to analyze, scrutinize and benchmark any kind of hardware. With Fresh Diagnose you can analyze different things such as hard disk performance, CPU performance, get mainboard / motherboard information, video system information, and everything else.


This is a utility designed to examine your computer in all possible ways. It functions in full speed and gives you complete information of many kinds of hardware present in your system. Some of the key features of the Fresh Diagnose are it will scan your system completely and give entire and accurate report about your computer’s hardware and software. It provides all the information about video system information, Windows registry settings, PCI / AGP buses information, keyboard, mouse, printer information, mainboard information and also network information. It also tests your computer performance by checking CPU, CD/DVD ROM, hard disk and it also compares your system with other computers. You can use this tool to get more information about your system which can be used to tweak your computer to get the best performance.

note: You may need to register for free to get the serial key.

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