Advanced Run – Launch Programs Quickly Without User Switching

Windows Run is really very useful. You can run many programs directly with Run. But with “Advanced Run” you can do much more things. Advanced Run is a free application launcher that allows you to run any program quickly. With “Advanced Run” you can also, run any commands from the command line prompt, open, edit and print documents on behalf of any user account without switching between users. You can use this as a powerful substitute for the default Windows Run.

Advanced Run - Launch Programs Quickly Without User Switching

You can substitute your default + standard key combination for Advanced Run and launch it more quickly. You can use Advanced Run from the context menu easily. You can launch an application from any user account just by typing of their password instead of switching to that user account. You can also use commands to automate your frequent tasks. You can also share your settings, command shortcuts and security profiles with other users on a network. Advanced Run is totally free so you can give it a try. Advanced Run works on Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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