Mozilla Set To Release Firefox 5 In June

It seems that Mozilla which has just come up with version 4 of its web browser Firefox has taken a leaf out of Google Chrome. Mozilla Mozilla Firefox Pic

is speeding up the development cycle of Firefox releases and a draft in the development schedule of Firefox reveals that it will come out with Firefox 5 by June 21. Mozilla has defined four stages of development of Firefox 5 namely Mozilla Central, Mozilla Aurora, Mozilla Beta and Mozilla Release. Mozilla said that generally each stage of the process lasts for 6 weeks but in case of Mozilla 5 it will be different.

3 weeks has been assigned for the development of Mozilla Central while 5 weeks has been assigned for Mozilla Aurora and Mozilla Beta. Mozilla has started working on Firefox 5 on March 22 when it came up with Firefox 4. As per the development schedule, work on Mozilla Aurora is slated to start on April 12, Mozilla Beta on May 17 and final release on June 21.

Browser War On A Rise

It is to be noted that the browser landscape has changed drastically since the arrival of Google Chrome. Chrome first released in 2008 has already come up with 10 versions and the market share of the browser has increased by leaps and bounds. In order to counter the threat from Chrome, Internet Explorer which still remains the top browser in the world came up with IE 9 while Mozilla came up with Firefox 4. Firefox 4 found immediate favors among users and within 24 hours release of the browser, it surpassed downloading figures of IE9.

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