Mozilla Looking Forward To Accelerate Its Slow Add-Ons

Add-ons have played a vital role in enhancing the productivity and performance of Mozilla Firefox. But sometimes the add-ons Mozilla Firefox Image

can also slow the performance of the browser whereby websites take a long time to get downloaded. At a time when speed of web browser plays an important role in enhancing its acceptance among users, this can be really annoying which might even prompt users to switch on to other browser.

Realizing this, Mozilla has now decided to take initiatives to minimize delays caused due to add-ons. In a blog post dated April 1, Justin Scott, product manager of Mozilla has said that performance of the browser is extremely important to users when it comes to start up and loading of websites. He further stated that while some of the add-ons have little impact of performance the others can slow down the browser considerably.

According to Mozilla each add-on adds about 10% of the browser’s startup time and as per the performance data if users install about 10 add-ons, a significant amount of time is taken for the browser to get launched. At a time when Firefox’s competitors like Chrome and Internet Explorer has focused on speed it has become important for Mozilla to address the issue. Mozilla’s recent versions of Firefox, Firefox 4 boasts of fast page loading and start up times.

Mozilla’s Initiatives About Slow Add-ons

In order to address issues regarding the slow add-ons, Mozilla is running automated performance tests on its top 100 add-ons and then is posting its findings and the slow add-ons will be displayed which will help users to know as to which add-on to avoid.

Developers of slow add-ons are also asked to perk up the speed of their software and the add-on gallery of Firefox will show warnings about those add-ons which slow the performance of Firefox startup time by 25% of more. At present to speed up the performance of the browser you need to disable the add-ons which you are not using.

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