Mozilla Fixes Several Bugs In Firefox 4

Mozilla has updated its Firefox 4 web browser and has fixed 50 bugs in the browser. Firefox 4 is the latest stable release of the browser and the Firefox Pic

bugs fixed comprises of a wide range of security and stability issues. It includes a memory corruption bug in the browser engine and a couple of other problems which could have resulted the browser to crash.

Popularity Of Firefox 4

It is to be noted that since the launch of Firefox 4, the browser has found tremendous favor among users and the number of downloads of Firefox had even surpassed the download number of Internet Explorer 9. It was important for Firefox to fix the bugs considering the challenges it is facing from other browsers such as Chrome and Apple’s Safari.

The bugs fixed in Firefox 4 could have allowed attackers to run rouge code. Notably Firefox 3.6 was also fixed for several bugs.

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