What is Corona.dll?

It is an unknown process that shows up in the task manager even when no program is being run. This may happen due
to turning on the Automatic Update feature.
Corona.dll is a recognized DLL file that has no “Author” related to it. This may be a sign that there is an “Unknown”
program or application on your system that is using Corona.dll. This is often an indication of presence of spyware or
ad-ware on your PC.

What Happens If Corona.Dll Is Missing?

If Corona.dll is damaged or missing, one or two programs may get affected.

How To Fix Errors By Corona.dll

Here are a few steps that you may use to troubleshoot Corona.dll errors.

Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE on the keypad of your computer to invoke the Task Manager window. Click
on “Processes” tab in the Task Manager and look for the Corona.dll program. If the program seems to be
running and is apparently drawing a lot of resources of your system, it may be a malicious program and not real
malicious software. Click “End Process” to terminate the program.
Run the application to search, hold up and get rid of malware, viruses, ad-ware and spyware. These malicious
applications often corrupt DLL files or result in their deletion or movement from one location to another. Some
Corona.dll programs may turn out to be viruses in your system.
Restart your computer to make updates to any changes that you have recently made to the programs and files.
Many applications and programs need a restart to be installed successfully.
You may also uninstall a recently changed application or program and then install it again by using the default
settings. If you see a Corona.dll error, reinstall it and then uninstall it once again.

You can also solve this problem by going to the “Automatic Updates” feature in the “Control Panel” and then choosing
the “Disable Automatic Update” option. When you turn on the computer from the next time, the “Automatic Updates”
option will not run automatically.

Corona.Dll Virtualdubmod Error

Virtualdubmod is a popular video editing application. While installing Virtualdubmod corona.dll error often shows up.
While setting up this software under Windows Vista, users often get error messages like “Corona.dll not found”
or “The program failed to start because Corona.dll is missing in your system”. Users often try Corona.dll download and
installation of the file in the same directory where Virtualdubmod exists. Even after placing Corona.dll Windows 7 or
Windows Vista users see the same message being displayed.

This error can be fixed by downloading a patch file or an auxiliary and installing it. Do not install a
complete but a supplemental one and you can get over this problem.

If you have a restore options, you should try to reset the settings of your system to a date where there was no
Corona.dll error. This of course, depends on whether you have fixed a restore point before the error showed up.

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