Transmission – A free cross-platform BitTorrent client

Transmission,much familiar as a torrent client for Mac and Linux users has come up with a new version which has been released now is an important update from them. It includes a new interface which based on browser and makes to manage the torrents of users very easily. The features of this one are from Clutch and are packaged with this version of Transmission. However the new feature with remote management was specified to be only a trail and meant for experimentation. When was under test there was no problem and was set up smoothly enabling from other systems to control and browse the torrents on the main network. The CSS style sheet was not working fine with Firefox browser on Mac but was not at all an issue with windows.

The graphical user interface is developed using CSS for the Skin and appears no indifferent from the main application and this eliminates the need to search for the options in the menu in new locations. Everything is handled by the client when it comes to permissions and whitelists of IP without which the appearance would be same as the basic ones.

The brand new feature in this one is its support for Quick look feature of Leopard’s. All you need to do is just choose the torrent you want and press the spacebar. This Quicklook feature is not so useful if you have folders or disk images but in rest of the cases its good and useful. Many commented on its ability to handle Clutch than SSL is not there in spite if an Apache server is accessible which can serve as proxy then you can go for SSL encryption.Interesting part,its free and you can download the version for Linux and Mac.

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