Simple Steps to Transfer Music From iPhone to Mac or PC

Below mentioned are few quick steps on how to transfer music or files to your iPhone to Mac or PC. The ways differ for both, because Mac been one of Apple products, you can transfer it without any software. Here are few steps on how to transfer music from your iPhone.

1. Transfer Music/Files from iPhone to Mac
iTunes must be closed, before you transfer the files.
– Your iPhone should be connected to your computer via USB cable. After it is done, the files names shall appear in the Device list.
– The library list that you want to export files is opened, and then the file(s) you want to export is checked in the file list.
– To start exporting files, click the iPod to Mac button. Or else, you could also choose the Import to Mac option from the Action menu, and then the files can be exported from your iPhone to your Mac PC.
– When iPod to Mac Transfer is started, it will modify the automatic synchronization of music/video to manual synchronization between iPod and iTunes.

2. Transfer Music/Files from iPhone to PC
There are several sites that give you transfer files like mp3 from iPhone to PC but with Winamp (free software) which you can do it free. Following are the steps:
– iTunes to be closed if running and then launch Winamp.
– iPhone is plugged to the computer with the USB cable.
– A small window called “transfer of metadata” is displayed by Winamp. When that window closes, the iPhone music library will appear on the Winamp Media under “devices”
– You can now freely copy songs from the iPhone to the computer by selecting the files on the iPhone list and selecting “copy disk drive” in the context menu. Synchronization also works the other way: the files are selected to your library and then transfer them to the iPhone by selecting the “Send” in the context menu.
– When it is done, the iPhone Winamp is ejected. Now you’ll have to force the iPhone to reload the song database (otherwise it will use a cache one). Launch the application iPod, and then press the Home button for about five seconds, until you return to the home screen. Then launch the new iPod tool and your new songs will be transferred there.

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