RealDVD – DVD Copier from Real Networks, DVD Ripping goes Legal

DVD has never been much into getting ripped for digital copies or used for copying music in to systems or other devices probably due to some security and other reasons. The trend is about to change with this new innovation from Real Networks to go for DVD Copier. The digital media giant announced a software application priced at $30 called RealDVD that enables users to make a copy of the digital media on the DVD. A chief executive feels it to be one way of achievement for users who always wanted to do it but could not completely. This will be handy to make backup copies of your precious media written on the DVD and make them mobile. On the odd side it might end as a controversy since it might face criticism from the Hollywood movie makers and producers specially studios.

The industry was able to manage the DVD being treated as CDs since its launch 10 years ago. This will make even rental market much more vibrant which makes consumers to pick one from them then burn a copy for them instead going for buying the movie DVD. Its possible because it does no more needs technical knowledge to do so, it would be common there of. It happened to be in the past that one of the studios made a copy of program on DVD available which made it closed in 2004 as per Digital millennium copyright act. However Mac the Ripper and Handbrake are available online for doing this which makes such thing unstoppable as they are inaccessible.

The software will be available on and Amazon; it does not support Blue ray discs which are protected from such kind of copying. When Real networks revealed about it to studios they wanted to scrutinize the product before making any statements on it. The software runs only on the system which it was made on and can also run on 5 more windows systems provides you buy 5 more copies of it for $20 each. A co-operation is expected from the studios on this product.

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