3.0 Beta With Mac OS X Support, ODF 1.2 support, Solver, PDF/A Support, Wiki, Extensions and Complimentary Tools

OpenOffice is a open source software distributed under the dual LGPL/SISSL license. The LGPL is the “Lesser
General Public License”. The SISSL is the “Sun Industry Standard License”. The dual licensing scheme allows you to choose either license based on your needs. currently runs on Linux, Solaris, Windows 95 or later and Mac OS X. It has got applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases and drawings. The OpenOffice office suite includes Writer (word processor), Calc (spreadsheet), Impress (presentations), Draw (vector graphics), Base (database), Math (formula editor) and many others.

For all those to test the new OpenOffice 3.0 as an option is available for free to download and use. The Release 1 is shipped with many refinements and features that are new and different from it previous ones. One such is better collaboration and Mac support which is a good thing for all. This review gives you an idea whether you need to proceed with your native office either MS or its predecessor or try this. The significant and visible change is the Start center which is display when you run this Office application. Next you need to select which module or feature of the Office are you interested to use.

One thing is it’s a feast for all Mac OS X users because of its improved support for Mac. It’s an out of box innovation with very less nonsense. Good value additions are spreadsheet solver and VBA support which were not available from MS Office for Mac. It has support for OpenDocument Format 1.2 which is yet to come; this enables the documents to be saved as ODF useful for future reference. This standard format is followed by major organizations and governments of about 60 nations. It can import the documents of your MS Office and read them but cannot save changes made to them back to MS Office. This feature is not accurate with format options.

The drawing tools like crop were not so effective and well developed in its previous versions but this has a refined and improved one which makes things easier like you can crop image from slideshow. Spreadsheet collaboration is yet another feature which makes you to share the workbook across editors. Like any other OpenSource project it supports many extensions so get the appropriate office for your OS and experience it. 3.0 Beta Features

1 New Core Features

    o 1.1 Mac OS X Support
    o 1.2 ODF 1.2 support
    o 1.3 Microsoft Office 2007 Import Filters
    o 1.4 Solver
    o 1.5 Chart Enhancements
    o 1.6 Improved Crop Feature in Draw and Impress
    o 1.7 Spreadsheet Collaboration Through Workbook Sharing
    o 1.8 1024 Columns Per Calc Sheet (Instead of 256)
    o 1.9 Display of Multiple Writer Pages While Editing
    o 1.10 Improved Notes Feature in Writer
    o 1.11 New, Fresh-Looking Icons
    o 1.12 Start Center
    o 1.13 Native Tables in Impress
    o 1.14 Enhanced XML support and updated XSLT based filters

2 Core Features Introduced With Minor Releases Since 2.0

    o 2.1 PDF/A Support
    o 2.2 New Chart Component
    o 2.3 VBA Support
    o 2.4 Programmability Enhancements
    o 2.5 Transformation of CSV Data Inside Cells into Columns within Calc
    o 2.6 Language Selector in Writer Toolbar
    o 2.7 Maximum Page Size Enlarged for Draw (300cm x 300cm)
    o 2.8 Enhanced PDF Export
    o 2.9 Multiple Monitor Support in Impress
    o 2.10 Miscellaneous Features

3 Features Released as Extensions and Complimentary Tools

    o 3.1 Extension Repository
    o 3.2 Calendar and Email Client (Mozilla Thunderbird and Lightning)
    o 3.3 Presentation Minimizer Extension
    o 3.4 Report Builder Extension
    o 3.5 Wiki Publisher Extension
    o 3.6 PDF Import Extension
    o 3.7 Presenter Console Extension

You can Download it Here

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