Buying Non-Branded Ink Cartridges Any Good?

Usually I buy ink cartridges from top brands such as Canon, Epson, Hewlett-Packard and Lexmark, but recently I came across a website selling the cartridges at discounts. I gave a try and purchased it.

ink cartridges

First to say that their serives were really fast. They delivered the ink and toner to my place without any delivery charges and it was also delivered on the same day on which I had made the order. Moreover, their ink cartridge was also equally good like the branded ones and the price was really less than what the major vendors charge.

I bought the ink cartridge from The website has huge range of stocks for cartridges and the prices are, according to me, the lowest in the industry. They have cartridges for printers, for copiers and also for fax machines. The company seems to compete with big brands in terms of qulaity and to offer perfect printing solution
while meeting customers budget.

Earlier, I have used Dell Ink Cartridges and also Epson Ink, which were very expensive, but I found cartridges of InkWareHouse too good in quality and not at all expensive as the Dell or Epson. I also got this discount code “inkshop” with which i got a further 10% discount during checkout.

To know the truth of low cost and high performance cartridges that are sold other than the big brands, I did some Google search and learned that the market giants try to sell printers at a low cost, sometimes even with a loss, and they want to make sky-touching profits throught the cartridges. In this way the big corporates try to balance their profit margin. This is not the case with manufacturers like InkWareHouse. These manufacturers only sells cartridge and so they don’t need to marginalise it with the loss of other products. Hence, they sell at a price which is actually to be charged from the market and these prices are much lower than what the branded cartridge manufacturers tag the price.

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