Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 4 With Revolutionary 3D painting and compositing

Here are some glimpses about the new Photoshop suite from Adobe. This version of Photoshop is meant for Designers, Website builders, Photographers and all other illustrators. I even use it many times to design some logo’s and other things. Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 4 is yet to come by end of this year and includes the latest version of image editor. With an overhaul in its interface, tools provided to change the photos and with much better speed and performance the all new Adobe Creative Suite 4 will really become a great tool for Developers and Designers. It will be available in different variants; Photoshop CS4 ($700, or $200 for an upgrade) and Photoshop CS4 Extended ($1000, or $350 for an upgrade) and the later version comes with advanced 3 dimensional tools for imaging. They will also be for use as a part of wholesome package suites from Adobe. The upgrade though costs a bit I guess it is worthy and useful.

The latest version has got many excellent features. Content aware scaling tool is addictive and you surprise how you managed without it in its older versions. The graphics cards now a days have high processing power and Photoshop makes use of it fine in making thing faster to work. There is good news for windows users since it is available in 64 bit versions also. This version is not available for OS X and I guess Adobe will change its strategy once Apple has done with release of its Carbon API. Live preview is good and on the fly makes brush resizing for editing images. You can make some unbelievable things when using its Seam carving tool.

The User interface is exactly right in place as it is expected very intuitive and unlike its older releases which was annoying and had many complaints. The tabbed work interfaces which can be use to make comparisons on the images and manipulated ones whenever needed however this feature is disabled by default for Mac. Flash integration is provided and further all tools, filters of flash can be used directly.

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended Features

Revolutionary 3D painting and compositing
Adjustments panel
3D object and property editing
Masks panel
Fluid canvas rotation
Auto-blending of images
Smoother panning and zooming
Auto-alignment of layers
Content-Aware Scaling
Extended depth of field
Enhanced motion graphics editing
More powerful printing option
Better raw image processing
Integration with other Adobe software
Industry-leading color correction
Improved Adobe Photoshop Lightroom workflow
File display options

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