Top Tech Gifts for Women 2017

Best Gadgets For Women

Everyone loves tech gifts, and if you are in a relationship with a girl or married, the tech gift can do wonders for you. In today’s date, the female counterparts are also equally tech savvy like the men, and they love their gadgets dearly. On occasions like her birthday, wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day and other events, you need to gift her something special. Just a bunch of roses or a ring won’t do the trick now a day, so you need to go high-tech. So there will be nothing better than giving her a tech gift that will bring a glow on her face instantaneously.  Here is the list of some cool tech gifts that you can present to impress her.

Best Gadgets For Women

1. Camera Phone

Must Have Tech Gadgets

Girls love to take pictures of themselves and taking selfies has become like an addiction for them.  Therefore if you gift your wife or girlfriend a good camera phone, then she will surely love you for it. The Oppo F1S is a superb camera phone which has a 13 MP Ultra HD rear camera and 16 MP front camera that can take crystal clear images.  The configuration is also attractive with 4 GB RAM, 64 GB internal memory that is expandable up to 128. The dual sim can hold two 4G network sims, and the battery of it can provide a standby time of 28.5 hours.

The best part of this phone is its picture quality and for the girls who like to take pics and post it on social media on a regular basis, for them it an apt gift. Plus it has great music, a big 5.5-inch screen and a fingerprint scanner that keeps the phone secure.

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2. Smart watch

Electronic Gift Ideas For Women

A smartwatch shall also be an ideal gift for your wife, girlfriend or sister. The Captcha Bluetooth Dz09 SmartWatch has several features that make it a great companion for the girl. It supports 2G sim card (micro sim), memory card up to 32 GB and has a 2 MP camera as well. This is the perfect gadget for her if by chance she falls in any kind of distressful situation and wants to communicate with her loved ones. It can sync with your smartphone irrespective of the OS platform it is using. You can dial up your contacts directly from the watch, and it even has several social media apps in it. With all these features, this is indeed one of the best electronic gifts for women.

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3. Wi-Fi Booster

Technology Gifts For Her

If the woman you know is extremely tech-savvy and spends most of her time browsing the internet, then a Wi-Fi booster will be an appropriate gift for her. You can gift her TP-Link TL-WA855RE Wi-Fi Range Extender which boosts the Wi-Fi network to a wide range so she can enjoy better connectivity in every corner of her office or home. The design is compact and strong, and you just need to plug in and configure the extender to enjoy an uninterrupted network of your internet.  It basically works as a repeater for your router, and it does not require any wiring.

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4. Personal Anti Rape Security Alert Alarm

Self Defense Gadgets For Women

Security is the greatest concern for any woman since they are often victims of heinous crimes. So if some gadget that can keep them safe from any possible danger, it shall be a great help for them. The Personal Rape Safety Alarm helps in safeguarding you against any intruder with wrong intentions. This key ring like device delivers a loud alarm which you can set off by pulling out the pin attached to the keychain. It produces a loud sound of 120db which is audible from a long distance. It is particularly useful for the women who stay alone, travel during the night, work in night shifts and elderly persons.

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5. Roku Streaming Stick

Electronic Gifts For Mom

Your mother or wife does a lot of household work then they definitely need some amount of entertainment for themselves. For that purpose, there will be nothing greater than gifting them the Roku Streaming Stick. This is a USB device which can be easily plugged into your LED TV and opens an avenue of infinite entertainment.

This small device delivers superb performance with its quad-core processor. It allows you to stream videos, movies and series available on Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Hulu, HBO and 3000 plus channels. The advantageous thing about this device is that you can even carry it with you and play it on any LED TV of a hotel if you are traveling.  To make the gift even merrier, you can give her Roku with a paid subscription so that she can easily watch her favorite shows without any interruption.

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6. Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Useful Electronic Gadgets

Cleaning house is the biggest headache for the women when it comes to doing household jobs. Therefore if you intend to gift something useful to your wife for that purpose, then gift her iRobot 900 Series Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot. It is a cute looking vacuum cleaner that can be controlled with the help of your smartphone. It is a battery operated device which frees you from the tangle of cords. The vacuum cleaner has a powerful AeroForce cleaning system with carpet boost which cleans the most stubborn dirt from your carpet and rugs, sucking out the hidden dust and dirt. You need to charge this gadget once, and it will work for a week. The app can easily set the cleaning schedule of the cleaner on your phone.

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7. Polaroid Cube

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If the woman you know is a little adventurous in nature and is very active on social media, then the Polaroid Cube camera will be a lovely electronic gift for her. This mini camera can stream all the activities live on Facebook or other social media sites without any problem. You can fix this little camera on the helmet, car dashboard or any movable thing you are onboard. It is completely shockproof, weatherproof and waterproof which minimizes the chances of any damage. The battery of it can be recharged, and you can do 110 minutes of continuous recording.

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So if you were in confusion about what to gift your mother, wife, girlfriend, sister or just an office co-worker, then you can choose from the above list of electronic gadgets that you can gift to a woman to make her happy.

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