Top 6 Baby Gadgets That Makes Parenting Easy

Electronics For Babies

Having a baby is the most beautiful feeling that cannot be expressed in words. They are the cutest thing that you can hold in your hand, and their innocent giggles can certainly make your day. But parenting is not an easy stuff as you have to take real care of the baby since they are extremely delicate in nature and any discrepancy in their wellbeing can affect them in a bad way. There are some gadgets available which help to take care of the baby in an easier way and make your parenting somewhat trouble-free. If you are also a parent of a small child, then you too can opt for these cool baby gadgets that will assist you in your parenting.

Baby Gadgets

1. Pacifier Thermometer

Newborn Baby Gadgets

Taking care of baby’s health is the foremost thing that any parent will do. In the natal stage, they are susceptible to fever, cough, and cold. Taking the body temperature of the baby often becomes difficult since they cannot hold the conventional thermometers like the grownups. For that purpose, the pacifier thermometer is the perfect gadget for the parents. It not only acts as a toy for the baby, but it also helps in easily taking its temperature.

While sleeping or sitting, the baby can easily suck the pacifier, and it can easily take the temperature reading without disturbing the infant. The alert glow temperature display allows seeing the readings conveniently without even taking the pacifier out of the baby’s mouth. It is certainly one of the essential baby gadgets you should have for your kid.

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2. Itzbeen Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer

Best Gadgets For Babies

Babies are cute, but they can also disturb your regular life routine to a great extent. The parents don’t get to sleep, eat properly or get intimate with each other which at times make things tiresome for them. In the due process, they tend to forget the things which are essential to take care of the baby like feeding, changing diapers, medications and many other things.

To resolve this juncture, the Pocket Nanny becomes a helpful gadget for the parents. It is a device which reminds you of important tasks like feeding the baby, changing their diaper and putting them to sleep with the help of timer alarm that will alert the parents about the tasks related to the child.  It can easily fit in your pocket, or you can hang it with the help of the clip on its back. The Pocket Nanny also has a built-in night light provision via which you can even see the task reminders in pitch darkness. It is an ideal gadget for babies especially for the parents of the newborns.

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3. Vtech Safe & Sound Full Color Video Monitor

Electronics For Babies

Child’s safety is the most significant concern for any parent as they want their baby to be safe and secure. Keeping an eye on the baby 24*7 is not humanly possible so for that, electronic gadgets become a great ally for us. The Vtech video baby monitor allows us to keep a watch on your baby’s activities even from other rooms where you cannot see the baby. It has a camera which can be fixed in the child’s room and you can see the full visual on a colored portable 4.3-inch screen.

The intercom feature of this device allows you to talk back to the babies and soothe them without entering their room. The camera has an automatic night vision feature which can detect low light and permits you to see the baby even during their bedtime. The gadget comes with one camera, but you can set up seven more at a time and keep an eye on the baby from every corner of the room.

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4. Infantino Starry Night Dream Station

New Baby Gadgets

Putting the baby is the toughest job in the world for any mom or dad. If you have a sweet voice and know how to cuddle well, then it’s okay or else, the sleepless baby will make your days drowsy. But now, with the help of technology, you can put your baby to sleep with the assistance of Dream Station. This gadget emits soothing melodies and sounds along with projecting soothing multicolor lights.

The music shall play for around 10 minutes before shutting down itself automatically. You can control the volume of the device so that it doesn’t get too loud and disturbs your baby’s sleep. It is light in weight and can be kept anywhere.

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5. Munchkin Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad

Cool Things For Babies

It is a fantastic gadget that shall help in putting your baby to sound sleep within no time. As the name mentions, this vibrating pad can easily slip under the mattress smoothly and creates gentle, soothing vibrations just on the push of a button. The mat comes with a 30-minute timer that shuts off gradually, so it does create any disturbance in the baby’s sleep.

A three-second delay start prevents the sudden start of the vibration so that the baby does not get startled in sleep. The mattress is entirely battery operated, and there is no tangle of cords that you need to manage. You just need 4 AA batteries to run the mat.

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6. Breast Pump With Adjustable Suction

Unique Baby Equipment

This gadget is more useful for the mothers of the newborn who are feeding breast milk.  Generally, the babies suck the milk from the breast directly, but at times it becomes painful for the mums as the babies bite their nipples for drinking milk.  To prevent this painful extraction of the milk the breast pump comes quite handy. The pump is enabled with SFR (Suction Force Regulation) dial and two modes which helps to extract milk easily.

The silicone massaging pads makes milk suction comfortable and hygienic. The milk is collected in the wide-mouthed bottles which can be fed to the babies as per convenience. The bottles are BPA free which is non-toxic and safe for your kids. So for the breastfeeding mothers, the breast pump gadget is nothing less than a boon for them.

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Therefore if you are having a baby in the house and are facing some troubles in the regular care of your child, then using these cool technological baby gadgets can ease your worries to some extent.

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