Top 5 Headphones in India

Best Quality Headphones In India

The essence of music cannot be explained in words; the heart can only feel it. There is music for every mood, whether you are happy, in love, for party, depressed or had heartbreak. The headphones are the perfect companion that makes the music reach directly to your soul via your ears. Plug it into your mobile, PC, laptop or iPod and turn on the music and it takes you to another world. For the music lovers, the quality of the headphones is important as bad sound output can spoil the enjoyment of music. Those who love music and are looking headphones with great sound reproduction, here are some suggestions you can check out.

Best Quality Headphones In India

1. Sony MDR-XB450

Sony Headphones India

Sony has been making cutting-edge headphones that delivers excellent sound out, and this model lives up to that mark. Starting with the design, it has an attractive chromatic finish on the earpieces which comes in different color options such as blue, red, black and white. Coming to the specs, the headphone gives a booming bass output due to its 24-ohm Headphone Impedance and 1000 mW Max Power Input.

It gives out complete distortion-free sound output capturing every detail and making your listening experience a pleasurable one. The swivel folding design makes it easy to carry, and the soft cushion pads make the listening comfortable. The chords are serrated to save you from the irritation of tangling.

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2. Sennheiser HD 202 II

Best Sennheiser Headphones


Whenever the name of high-quality headphones is taken, the name of Sennheiser is taken with full respect. It is a professional over-ear headphone with a superior sound quality of 115 dB/mW along with a frequency range of 18-18000 Hz and impedance of 32 ohms. The ear cups ensure a good grip around the ear and also help in cutting off the ambient noise, and specially designed damping perforation delivers powerful bass effect of the music. Plug it into a mobile phone or laptop with its 3.5 mm jack and experience the amazing sound with seamless clarity.

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3. JBL T250SI On-Ear Headphone

Jbl Headphones India

JBL is famous for delivering superior sound quality products, and T250SI on-ear headphone proves that.  The light weight and compact structure help in easy portability. The foamed cushion of the headset and earpieces allows long hours of strain free music listening.  The enhanced bass feature enables experiencing minute sound details with crisp clarity. The gold plated 3.5 mm jack further facilitates improved sound quality which makes your music listening experience more amazing. It is one of the best headphones by JBL at an affordable price to you can have.

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4. Skullcandy S2LHY-K569 STIM On Ear Headset with Mic

Skullcandy Headphones Price In India

Skullcandy pack a punch when it comes to delivering enhanced sound output that will satisfy your taste of music listening. The design of this model is conventional but attractive, especially with its cute blue colour. Being light in weight, you will experience no irritation in wearing it for a long duration. The main advantage is the built in microphone along with a remote which allows you to take calls and control your track selection.

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5. Beats EP On-Ear Headphones (Black)

Beats Headphones Price In India

For an entry level headphone with good bass enhancement feature, the Beat EP provides you a good choice. Wearing the headphone is comfortable with the foam padding and it adjusts with your head size. The sound clarity is decent, sporting high-quality music output. It comes with a mic so you can take calls as well without unplugging the headphone. In the line of best headphones with a mic, it can be counted as one.

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Therefore if you have a zeal for music and want the best quality headphone that can deliver a clear sound with enhanced bass output, then you can certainly go for the above options and enjoy your music in an upbeat manner.

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