The New Generation Apple iPod nano with New design & New features

Apple gave a Great Buzz in the Music industry with Their iPod. There are many generations in the Apple iPod design. Now Apple has come up with a new generation. Shall we call it the 4th Generation ;). But Apple calls it nano-chromatic. The new Apple iPod is really very attractive with great looks. It comes in 8GB and 16GB.

Even now if you still do not have an iPod for yourself then no issued you can have one even now but after a while. The refinements of this one are reasonably good but not so appealing with an assumption that to use this for a pretty long while. The one improved part is hardware is upgraded and it used to be tall and fat now that nano is different from those. The size is totally similar to that of 2G nano but relatively much more thinner and with a wide range of beautiful colors. To use the new Nano, you must upgrade to Apple’s iTunes 8 software.

Coming to significant improvements that make a difference it is shuffle which is done by a shake and one of its kind. This feature will be better with iPhone and iPod touch too. Shake to shuffle is a cool innovation so keep shaking until you get your favorite song or album instead going all through straight and select it. The accelerometer is and another addition which is nice and suitable for viewing picture and videos in landscape form.

Nano looks much like a Touch version than other iPod. No touch screen but the old scroll option made out of the old and new blend which is a bit disappointing. No upgrades are found in case of playlist which is already proved to be genius and is portable enough. If you are looking even for watching videos on it then there is nothing motivating to go for it. In all other cases it is recommended for the rest.

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