E-Lead Electronics Launches Lazy Pad With Bluetooth

For Those Who Love To Work From Distance

E-Lead has recently launched one of its latest devices in the Bluetooth series known as the Lazy Pad. By the name one may have understood that it is something for the laziest among us. It is a new USB- and wireless-based accessory. It has dynamic mouse pad technology and it enables 3-ways to control the cursor, the hotkey menu functions and the numerical pad. This device is for those who love the wireless action and may enjoy the Bluetooth function.

It is a terrific product having a combination of Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for laptops or notebooks. Added feature of this device is that if one does not have a Bluetooth in notebook or PC, it can also be used via USB. This device has a built-in 500mAh li-ion battery that can last up to 8 hours if used continuously.

elead bluetooth lazy pad

One thing is unique or we may even say to be surprising that the mouse segment of the device is underneath the keyboard. It is not visible from outside easily. To get the mouse one has to flip it over to the other side. There is a touchpad which is accompanied by few buttons that work as left and right click of a mouse.

There is one more problem with the device. In the middle of the keyboard there is a long crease type line giving an impression of getting fold, but the frame does not fold at all.

One more thing is strange of this device is its name. I am unable to find out as to why E-Lead Electronics named it as the Lazy Pad. There is nothing slothful in it. Even if purposely it is called so then it does not mean that every remote control device or mobile is inherently a lazy culture product.

Anyway, the gadget is an interesting one and it may be worth checking out, specially for all those who hates the trackpad of laptops. Even, for all those who want a combination of Bluetooth and mouse. For them it is a fantastic product.

Lazy Pad Features :

  • The jumping mode cursor moving.
  • Mouse left key is on whole pad.
  • Auto-dragging operation.
  • The accurate scroll up, down, left, right function
  • 6+15 total 21 hotkeys.
  • Can be act as a calculator or numerical pad.

Model:  EL – 120 – B001 Lazy Pad

USP: 3-in-1 input device combining mouse, touchpad and keyboard and supports both Bluetooth and also USB

Launching pad: Unveiled at Computex 2009

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